Internet News Round-Up: The Metaverse, The World’s Fastest Network and more

PublishedNov 24, 2021BySubspace Team
The metaverse is coming faster than you think and it will be more than you imagine. Subspace is leading the way by making its Network as a Service available to developers across the globe. The metaverse will evolve from its current infancy into something powerful. Whether the metaverse becomes a force for good or bad depends on the guidance we all provide during its development. We must understand the fundamental issues of who, if anyone, will own the metaverse and what rules will govern its use. Let’s dive into this week’s news, exploring the foundation and potential of the metaverse.

Internet News Roundup: The Metaverse, The World’s Fastest Network and more...

The metaverse is infrastructure
Read Time: 5 minutes
The metaverse is more meta and closer than you think. The metaverse is not a game or a platform. It is a collection of experiences across devices, time, and place, totally virtual or blended with real life. The metaverse requires a new kind of internet. Subspace has released a dedicated real-time network built for the metaverse.
Accelerate Your Real-Time Application on the World’s Fastest Network
From: Subspace
Read Time: 3 minutes
On November 18, Subspace released its Network as a Service (NaaS) to real-time application companies and developers. Subspace’s custom hardware in hundreds of cities around the world combined with its proprietary AI software “weather maps” the internet providing the best paths for dynamic internet traffic. Developers can now build digital experiences unencumbered by network constraints.
Paving the way for the Metaverse
Read Time: 2 minutes
Subspace took the top product of the day with its Network as a Service solution that uses AI and its own hardware to find the fastest route for delivering data. Subspace lets makers bring private networking to every internet-connected device without changes to code, VPN clients, or on-premise hardware.
Why TIME is Launching a New Newsletter on the Metaverse
From: TIME
Read Time: 11 minutes
Time’s new weekly newsletter, Into the Metaverse, is going to try to make sense of all the noise surrounding the metaverse. The metaverse is an advanced version of the internet that you are inside of—instead of merely looking at. For some, the metaverse is a dystopian world controlled by shadowy corporations. For others, it is a gaming utopia and infinite office. Into the Metaverse will dig deep into the creation of the metaverse as it happens and try to separate the reality from the hype.
Metaverse Offers Chance to Get Technology Right>Niantic CEO urges AR industry to learn from mistakes of today’s tech
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The metaverse in fiction, such as the novel Snow Crash, is usually surrounded by a world that is such a mess and things have gone so horribly wrong that people have to escape into virtual reality. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic—the company behind Pokemon Go—said in a speech at Augmented World Expo 2021 in mid-November that it doesn’t have to be that way, if we learn from the mistakes of today’s tech. Whether we allow technology to evolve into the dystopia that we all know it could be, or take steps to turn it into something else, is a collective job for all of us.
The DeanBeat: Building the metaverse for free
From: GamesBeat
Read Time: 9 minutes
Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, said recently that NVIDIA will use its artificial intelligence and simulation technology to build the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer dedicated to predicting climate change. The simulation will be called Earth-2. Earth-2 will exist in the Omniverse, NVIDIA’s version of the metaverse. In addition to predicting climate change, Earth-2 will be the basis of “dual-use” technologies where the technologies used to create Earth-2 or the simulation itself can be used for other purposes ranging from gaming environments and virtual characters to restaurant ordering systems. By spending the money to create Earth-2, NVIDIA hopes to offer the metaverse for free.
Learn more about ways Subspace’s NaaS is enabling real-time developers to surpass the limitations of the internet and bring the metaverse to life. Contact one of our experts to help you learn how Subspace can power your application in the metaverse.

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