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PublishedNov 18, 2021BySubspace Team
Your entire workforce is now WFH at least part of the time. Collaborating is a chore when video freezes, there is a lag during a presentation, or when the home connection is so slow that calls drop. You worry that you can no longer offer the service you once did from your enterprise-level network.
Perhaps you’ve invested time and money into creating a stellar real-time application or multiplayer online game. But the public internet causes frustration and you question how to scale your business with the blocks you and your customers face from the overcrowded public internet.
Subspace created the world’s fastest, most stable, highly available and secure network. Today, that network is publicly available for the first time.

An Evolving Internet

The first wave of internet improvement for consumers in the 1990s focused on delivering static web pages with limited graphics and animation. To improve the performance of web pages, network providers offered network storage and caching, which drastically improved the response time of these static resources. Neither web publishers nor users expected an instant response.
The second wave of internet improvement occurred in the early to mid-2000s. This second wave introduced interactive web pages and mobile technology. These technologies allowed the mainstreaming of e-commerce, social media and streaming content.
Now we are in a new era of online applications. Real-time applications are taking over the internet. These applications depend on the nearly instantaneous response to actions. They don’t need more bandwidth. They require stable connections and the lowest possible latency.
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to real-time applications such as videoconferencing, online multiplayer gaming, telemedicine, virtual reality, sports betting, and more. Even with enhancements like gigabit and 5G connections, the second wave internet is struggling to meet the demands for stability and low latency demanded by real-time applications.

The Subspace Solution

Subspace is the network solution for real-time applications. We provide companies and developers with the fastest, most reliable, and secure paths for their internet applications. With Subspace Network-as-a-Service, developers can operate, deploy, and scale their applications with just a simple configuration change.
At Subspace, we weathermap the internet to continuously route users on the quickest path possible to and from any destination in the world. Using our proprietary AI in combination with our points of presence distributed around the globe, we can reduce latency by 80% and increase stability by 99%.
Subspace is the optimum network for your real-time application, freeing you to innovate the way you always imagined possible.

Exploring Subspace Network-as-a-Service

Our Network-as-a-Service offers self-serve access to our real-time optimized network so that your application can get up and running on Subspace in minutes. This makes our enterprise-level speed and accessibility available to every real-time application developer. The Subspace NaaS enables real-time applications to perform everywhere in the world, without client-side appliances, VPNs, or custom software.
  • PacketAccelerator lets you securely move UDP/TCP traffic between your company’s real-time infrastructure and your users while maintaining the most stable and reliable performance. You access PacketAccelerator via an API or the Subspace console. You proxy all of your traffic onto Subspace, giving your users access to the only network purpose-built for real-time applications.
  • WebRTC-CDN is a globally deployed WebRTC service that enables global acceleration of WebRTC apps while avoiding the need to manage and optimize your own TURN deployments or use TURN providers that rely on the public internet to relay traffic.
  • SIPTeleport is a globally deployed, stateful SIP proxy that sits between your telecom infrastructure and your users or contact center agents. It moves traffic via Subspace instead of primarily over the public internet. With optimal network performance, fast and stable connections, your employees get clearer calls and you have happier customers. All without the IT burden of implementation and optimization.

Wrapping it Up

Subspace is on a mission to deliver ubiquitous private networking to every internet application, user and developer. The future is real-time, and with Subspace’s launch, your possibilities are no longer limited by the network. Your customers won’t wait. They don’t have to wait when you run your apps on Subspace.
Accelerate your real-time applications on Subspace today. And learn more by watching this overview video.

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