Internet News Roundup: The Shift in Global Communications with the Metaverse, WebRTC, AI, Satellite Internet and More

PublishedNov 16, 2021BySubspace Team
The internet as we know it will look completely different within the next few years. We started in the 1990s with a Web filled with static pages. By the 2000s, a new Web emerged, with more interactivity, user-generated content, social media, and videos. But today, we move to the third iteration of the Web, sometimes referred to as Web3. How Web3 helps fuel the metaverse, how real-time applications fit into the future of connectivity, and the role of AI and satellite technology in global communications are fundamental questions we must address today. Waiting is no longer an option in a world that demands instant communication. Let’s dive into this week’s news, exploring the shift in global communications.

Internet News Roundup: The Shift in Global Communications with the Metaverse, WebRTC, AI, Satellite Internet and More...

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Mark Zuckerberg on Why Facebook is Rebranding to Meta
From: The Verge
Read Time: 25 minutes
Zuckerberg talks about why Facebook is rebranding to Meta in this article. He explains that the company is building the metaverse. According to Zuckerberg, the metaverse will “unlock an entirely new economy of virtual goods and services.” He predicts that people will live a more immersive experience over the coming decade, blending the real world with the virtual world. In the interview on The Verge, Zuckerberg describes the role of crypto technology, the software that helps create more realistic worlds and avatars, and the hardware that will help unlock the metaverse. In the article, Zuckerberg explains that there is “so much fundamental stuff that has to get done that I don’t think it’s really going to be huge until the second half of this decade.” That’s within the next five years. One of the critical components of the “fundamental stuff” that must happen to enable the metaverse is creating new technology to replace the existing public internet. That’s where Subspace can help. Subspace enables and powers the metaverse, bringing real-time access to every person, device and place in the world.
GitHub sees uptick in coders using AI assistant
Read Time: 2 minutes
GitHub’s AI programming tool Copilot is now augmenting about 30% of newly written code. Copilot, built on the OpenAI Codex algorithm, can translate human language into a programming language. However, as the article explains, programmers won’t have to worry about being out of a job. “Copilot is much more effective in augmenting human work than in creating its own code.” GitHub is rolling out Copilot support for all popular programming languages.
Managed WebRTC TURN: The need for speed
From: BlogGeek
Read Time: 8 minutes
In the BlogGeek article, the author summarizes WebRTC TURN perfectly: “It isn’t about whether you should use a managed WebRTC TURN service or deploy your own - it should be which managed WebRTC TURN service to select. Why? Because this is super simple to adopt and replace with zero vendor lock-in.” As the article explains, TURN servers are necessary for WebRTC for connecting when there are no direct routes. Traditionally, there are three alternatives: self-hosting, using managed TURN servers, or using a WebRTC CPaaS vendor. The article goes through the “early days” of WebRTC TURN and options from various vendors. It then explains the 2021 market entrance of Cloudflare and Subspace. “Subspace offers better connectivity than the open internet. … With around 100 cities and an Anycast addressing scheme, they offer a global footprint.” Subspace GlobalTURN is a WebRTC solution that enables users to run TURN without deploying TURN servers, with one connection, on the fastest network for real-time applications.
Amazon’s Project Kuiper moves one step closer to providing satellite internet
Read Time: 1 ½ minutes
As Emerging Tech Brew reported this week, Amazon filed an experimental license to launch satellites for its Project Kuiper, providing satellite-based internet to global rural areas. Amazon’s project is similar to SpaceX’s Starlink. While Amazon is launching satellites to provide more coverage, inherent problems remain with the existing internet infrastructure. Subspace offers a solution that could partner well with satellite internet. While the satellite network increases coverage to virtually anywhere globally, offering last-mile connection, Subspace reduces the inherent lag, jitter and packet loss of satellite communications.
Boeing Receives FCC Approval for Satellite Internet System
From: PCMag
Read Time: 2 minutes
SpaceX and Amazon are not the only companies seeking to create satellite-based internet systems. Last week, Boeing received FCC approval to deploy its “V-band Constellation” satellite system. Boeing believes that demand will increase for different types of communication and that the V-band technology will be a good option. Boeing will use low-Earth orbit satellites to provide broadband and communications to individuals, companies, and governments. Boeing plans to have 132 low-Earth satellites at 656 miles from Earth, with 15 non-geostationary satellites at 17,000 miles in space.
Tim Berners-Lee Wants to Put Online Privacy on a Solid Foundation
From: PCMag
Read Time: 2 minutes
In this PCMag article, Rob Pegoraro reports on a speech given by Web-creator Tim Berners-Lee at the 2021 Web Summit in Lisbon. Berners-Lee believes that the future of the web depends on consumers’ ability to control data. He proposes a data-storage service called a Solid Pod, developed by Inrupt. Berners-Lee is co-founder and CTO of Inrupt. As we move toward the metaverse and people look for ways to better secure data, this is an intriguing concept. Accessing that data can occur without the typical added lag and latency when companies run their applications on Subspace, the fastest, most stable, highly available and secure network for internet applications.
What CCaaS and UCaaS Providers Can Learn from Talkdesk’s App Store
From: Subspace
Read Time: 5 ½ minutes
This article looks at the lessons that CCaaS and UCaaS providers can take away from the successful Talkdesk App Store, AppConnect. As the article points out, potential customers in the CCaaS and UCaaS markets seek integrated solutions, not individual applications. Developers need to provide easy access paired with efficient customer service. However, despite the best planning and integration, even top-tier solutions need a high-performance network not impacted by distortion, freezing videos and dropped calls. Subspace serves as a differentiator, giving our customers a noticeable advantage in a competitive marketplace.
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