Intelligent in-network traffic load balancing [COMING SOON]

Subspace Global Load Balancer

With a single Subspace anycast IP, Subspace's network will intelligently load balance your traffic across all your servers.

Subspace Global Load Balancer helps solve problems when:

  • Overloaded servers result in increased query response time or other delays.

  • Avoid downtime when some of your services are undergoing maintenance

  • When services are scaled in specific regions to address new user cohorts, or when you add more servers to address load in an existing region

  • If you use multiple services for Load Balancing and GeoDNS, even some home grown versions which could result in inaccurate data

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Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

Intelligently load balance traffic [COMING SOON]

Redefining Video & Voice Experiences

SIPTeleport’s proprietary algorithms ensure that your real-time application has the ability to deliver consistent video, free of stutters, jitters, or lag, under even the most challenging network conditions, with up to 80% reduction in packet loss.


Simple and Effective APIs

Easily provision new connections and agents in a few quick clicks. Add global access whenever you need it, and keep your applications thriving. SIPTeleport offers a global IP level proxy so you can connect to simple APIs. Just provision, point your traffic, and go. Fast.


Get up and running in minutes, not hours

  • Simply provide your destination IP, and we’ll provide the proxy IP. You choose to connect to IPv4 or IPv6 and you’re flying on Subspace.

  • Simple API connection and detailed documentation.

  • Provision and point in a few clicks. Always on security and DDoS protection, no added latency.

Use Cases

Who is Global Load Balancer for?

App Developers

App Developers

Many apps rely on real-time data and those real-time apps can't afford lag and packet loss. The Subspace solution is your key to creating real-time apps that are fast, reliable, and secure.

Remote Call Centers

Remote Call Centers

Call quality like never before, across the world. Enable you remote call centers with a true real-time solution to increase the quality of your customer interactions.

Real Time Voice and Video App Developers

Real Time Voice and Video App Developers

Even if you create the most powerful real-time voice and video application, your customers complain about lags and freezing over an unreliable network. The Subspace solution creates a true real-time experience for your voice and video applications.

Fintech app developers

Fintech app developers

Today’s changing fintech world demands real-time solutions. From fraud detection and instant purchases to real-time wealth management, your users deserve the fast, secure network Subspace provides. Let us help you with your real-time fintech app needs.

It is critical with the new hybrid reality across all industries, distributed team need to stay connected and engage seamlessly with customers and key stakeholders in the business—whether at home, on the road, or in the office—Teams need to work like they’re together with minimal latency, giving customers the best experience possible. Subspace is providing Avaya customers and partners the tools and network to enable the fastest route to an end-user. Subspace ensures our real-time communications happen without latency or jitter, giving customers the service they demand.
Davide PetramalaDirector of Avaya OneCloud CpaaS @ Avaya

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