Your Real-Time Game Needs the Fastest Network

Enter the Subspace network and watch your multiplayer games fly like never before. Experience the fastest communication across the globe with built-in, in-line security. Build better. Build faster. Subspace will help you move your traffic in the global fast lane through intelligent routing systems.

Subspace allows you to accelerate your player connections without having to think about scaling for random and fluctuating user demand.

Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

Is the Internet Holding your Game Back?

The Internet is built to deliver large volumes of data to viewers. The pipes are designed to be fat, not fast. Multiplayer gaming, on the other hand, requires instantaneous communication to keep your players in sync. Gaming demands a fast pipe, and today's internet is struggling to keep up. Game developers often  increase complexity in-order to accelerate the network. A common practice is relying on gaming CDNs, which have limitations.

Subspace: A New Internet Built for Gaming

Subspace has created a new proprietary network engineered from the ground up as an online game accelerator and it already serves more than 400M players around the globe. It provides the performance multiplayer games need. Subspace has dedicated bandwidth at your disposal, and its proprietary AI finds the fastest route for your data. In addition to the fastest pathfinding, Subspace has in-line security to prevent and mitigate DDoS attacks.

How Subspace Can Help Your Multiplayer Game


Eliminate Latency, Jitter, and Packet Loss

Eliminate network-induced lag, jitter, and packet loss to give gaming enthusiasts a smoother, better-performing real-time experience. Whether your multiplayer game runs on TCP or UDP, your data and in-game communication will move faster across the network.


Greater Opportunities for Matchmaking

A massive effort goes into matching players with each other. One consideration is location. Matching players based on physical proximity to each other and the game server to mitigate network limitations is common. But, this limits the potential pool of players and can be a real challenge during slow hours.

With the Subspace global network, you don't need to worry about physical proximity; your players can be anywhere and still have the optimal experience.


Built-In Security

DDoS attacks are common in the gaming industry, often instigated by disgruntled customers. Fortunately, protection is built into the Subspace network. With in-line security as part of the network, Subspace detects and removes malicious packets close to their source, minimizing network disruption without introducing any additional latency.


From Garage to Global Production

Reduce customer support needs and improve customer satisfaction. Get worry-free performance that's even better than your development environment at a global scale. Let your product shine with Subspace.

Subspace had to come up with a combination of software and hardware that sets up a kind of parallel internet, or one that routes around the problem traffic and creates fast lanes for the game companies that pay Subspace for the speed. Companies like Epic Games and Roblox are adding concerts, and by adding a new form of entertainment to a game, they give people more reasons to come back and spend more time in their worlds. That’s how the metaverse eventually happens, when we get enough reasons to spend all day in it.
Dean TakahashiLead Writer @ VentureBeat

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