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Delivering the Internet for Real-Time.

Subspace is the Global MetaRouter — a dedicated, secure network for delivering tomorrow’s internet today. From mission-critical real-time applications to in-network applications, Subspace helps companies create the best possible real-time experiences.

"Thanks to the partnership between Subspace and Orange, connections can see as much as an +80% reduction in ping times improvement, boosting the value of games and the overall online gaming experience for players dramatically"

Mission-Critical Applications

When Every Millisecond Counts

Are you creating applications for the financial industry, military, or telemedicine- where stability is paramount or every millisecond counts? A split second can make the difference between life and death, financial success, or security issues being detected in time. Subspace offers trusted redundant internet for mission-critical and time sensitive transactions.

Making Remote… Work

An Internet Built for the Way the World Works Now

Instant high-definition stable communication with anyone, anywhere. More effective and efficient call center agents, Remote Desktop, and collaboration without hardware and client software. Subspace makes remote work the way the world demands.

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Network Improvement

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More Accessible

More Secure

More Transparent


By continuously “weather mapping” the internet to identify the most direct path possible, we ensure that you offer your users the fastest connection for real-time interaction.

More Accessible

Our global network consists of hundreds of PoPs and runs off of a single server, allowing you to reach more users, more effectively.

More Secure

Subspace provides the world's first real-time application firewall, providing always-on DDoS protection with no added network latency.

More Transparent

With Subspace, you have access to real-time network monitoring that provides an instant view of the network’s performance.

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Gaming at the Speed of Light

Take your Game to the Next Level

How much better would your game be if you could eliminate player lag, freezing, and jumpiness? What if you could match more players and avoid too many server regions? Take gaming to the next level in Subspace.

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In-Network Applications

Bring the Metaverse to Life

Science fiction describes a rich, vibrant metaverse where people interact in real-time from anywhere. Subspace is the platform for network control where you can make this future real.

Leap into the Future Now.