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Elevate your real-time application's quality, security & speed.

The Subspace platform helps real-time application developers deliver improved network quality, while protecting their application's availability, and powering their teams with the APIs and infrastructure needed to build and deploy globally-scalable real-time applications used by hundreds of millions.

Trusted By Major Internet Providers Around The Globe

British Telecom
Century Link
Liberty Global
Telia Company
"Thanks to the partnership between Subspace and Orange, connections can see as much as an +80% reduction in ping times improvement, boosting the value of games and the overall online gaming experience for players dramatically"


The Network Platform Built for Speed

We've done what no one else has. Made a faster internet. How? By continuously routing users on the fastest path possible to servers anywhere using our global platform. It's like GPS, but for internet traffic.

Subspace's platform deploys, operates and scales high performing real-time services for multiplayer games, modern fintech solutions, ecommerce apps, real-time voice and video applications, and everything in between.

We also help companies with last-mile internet latency reduction, mobile network correction, global latency reduction and protection against DDoS attacks with the world's first real-time application firewall.

This Changes
Whether you're optimizing real-time traffic for voice, fintech, transportation, gaming, or beyond — we have you covered. We provide a network-as-a-service, enabling smart routing for any kind of platform, connected to any network to any data center.

We combine our own purpose-built network with patented technology that selects from the best parts of global and regional networks to solve internet backbone, middle-mile, and last-mile issues.

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Network Improvement

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Network App Integration

Gain Full Network Control

The highest quality network, with more control than ever before. With a performant and real-time optimized network providing unparalleled insight, we’ve got the speed — you’ve got the power.

Keep your Ecosystem Secure

You won't just be securing your user base, but your entire real-time ecosystem. Our network-first approach means faster, reliable, more secure connections for all your users. From protecting your up-time to active DDoS protection, you are covered.

Make Every Millisecond Count

Network latency is a revenue reducer and churn driver. Get performant internet for all paths with easy integration. When every millisecond affects your user experience, you need to be on the only network optimized for real-time applications.

Network App Integration

With our in-depth set of APIs & near-effortless integration, you'll be able to do things across the Internet only imagined before. Optimized and accelerated TCP & UDP traffic-with smart routing for networks across the globe — is just the beginning.

Millons of People are Experiencing Subspace

Millions of people have experienced what it means to use an application that's powered by Subspace. We're the network behind the scenes providing conferenece callers, app users, and enthusiast gamers playing the biggest games in the world with a faster, more secure, and high-performing real-time experience.

Deploy your real-time application on a developer-first platform.

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When we created Subspace, we recognized that the global public internet is fundamentally broken for real-time traffic. We didn't just set out to fix it; we set out to create something game-changing. And now we are... all over the world.

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