Always-On DDoS Protection with No Added Latency

In-line DDoS protection is built-in for all Subspace users.  An accelerated global IP-level proxy continuously monitors for malicious activity and provides peace of mind for all real-time application developers.

Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

In-line DDoS Protection

Built for Real-Time Applications

Get DDoS protection without compromising speed. Your application needs protection that moves as fast as your users do—every millisecond counts. 

With a transport network built from the ground-up to accelerate real-time applications, Subspace offers line-rate scrubbing that performs security screening without the need for additional servers, caching, or latency.

IP Masking

Intelligent and Automated Mitigation at the Edge

With IP masking, attackers are unable to target specific machines. Additionally, traffic that enters Subspace is not visible to attackers, and the feedback mechanism is lost. We examine packets and apply proprietary algorithms to identify suspicious patterns and shut down attacks completely.

Move Beyond the Limitations of CDNs

Securely and Quickly

This built-in protection comes with a reduction in latency of up to 80%.  Because Subspace is able to provide dramatic optimizations in routing through weather mapping and pathfinding, the proxy and security processes can take place even as speed improves.

Move beyond the limitations of CDNs and into the world of real-time security.

Why Subspace?

We’re Changing How the Internet Works

Subspace has redesigned the internet for today’s real-time applications. By creating our own active mesh optical transport network overlaying the internet, we became the only global platform routing traffic at the maximum speed in real-time. 

We offer high-performance network optimization for multiplayer games, modern fintech solutions, ecommerce apps, and real-time voice and video applications.


We use a proprietary combination of internet weather-mapping, custom networking stacks, omniscient routers, and dedicated fiber. We partner with ISPs around the world to bring software publishers and telecommunications companies like you the quality and speed your users demand.


We’re optimized for real-time protocols. Whether you need to accelerate TCP/UDP traffic with our PacketAccelerator, move your RTP media faster than ever before with SIPTeleport, deploy global TURN without switching on a server with GlobalTURN, or remove dependency on SBC with a single API call on RTPSpeed, we’ve got you covered.

Subspace allows WebRTC platforms to scale quickly and offer global services without incurring steep infrastructure and operational costs. This has meant lower costs, scalability, and more agility for Broadcaster.VC.
Dan JenkinsDirector @ Broadcaster.VC

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