Network Service for Startups

Tech startups building real-time applications have specific needs that well-established businesses might not even consider.

One of the most crucial needs is superior network performance. With real-time applications, network-induced latency and jitter can destroy the user experience, leaving users, engineers, and investors frustrated. When your application runs in Subspace, you can build fast on the fastest network designed specifically for real-time applications.

Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

Is the Internet Holding Back Your Real-Time Application?

The internet was originally designed for the military to provide a highly durable communications channel between local computer networks. The designers intentionally traded speed for survivability. More recent enhancements have focused on moving more data, not moving data faster. Today's internet is optimized for delivering the same data, such as websites and streaming video, to many people. It was never intended for real-time communication, so it’s no surprise that it often falls short when pressed into this use.

Subspace: A New Internet Built for Real-Time Applications

Subspace has created a new proprietary network that spans the globe. The Subspace Network is engineered from the ground up to provide the performance today's real-time applications need. Subspace has strategically placed its own hardware at key places on the public internet to supplement its own fiber-optic network. Subspace then uses AI-driven routing to find the fastest route for your data to reach its destination. Combined with other optimizations, this infrastructure gives your application real-time communication abilities, virtually eliminating network-induced latency, jitter, and packet loss. Subspace helps you build fast on the fastest network for real-time application startups.

Subspace Can Meet the Unique Needs of Your Startup


Reduce your Time to Market

With a simple API integration, you can have your application running in Subspace within hours. RESTful services are a technology your software engineers are already familiar with, thereby reducing the need for "upskilling." Eliminating network concerns frees your teams to focus on your product. These benefits and more shorten your development time and get your application to market sooner.


Keep your Investors Happy

Subspace can help you manage your technology investment. By outsourcing network performance to the top experts in the field, you reduce or eliminate the need for in-house network engineers. Subspace's offerings allow your company to start small and grow fast. When you are already on the fastest network, scaling is a cinch. Subspace has pricing to match the constraints of any organization. Being able to start small and grow iteratively, investing as needed, always makes money managers happy.


Use your In-House talent and Resources Efficiently

As a startup, your company has limited resources to spend on acquiring and keeping talent. Outsourcing network engineering lets you run with a leaner core team—a team focused entirely on building a product that will wow your customers. At the same time, you get the best performing network available. It is a win-win!


Make Security Part of your Foundation

DDoS attacks are common today and can be devastating to a real-time application. Fortunately, security is built into Subspace. By including in-line security as part of the network, Subspace detects and removes malicious packets close to their source, minimizing network disruption without introducing any additional latency. Make security a requirement from the start by building your application on a secure foundation.

Remedy Robotics uses Subspace for ultra low latency connection to perform remote intervention. Every millisecond can mean the difference between life and death, so for us, Subspace is seriously important.
David BellCEO & Co-Founder of Remedy Robotics

Pricing that Adapts to your Startup

Build and scale quickly, with plans and pricing built for your needs.