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Simple Usage-Based Model

Usage-Based Model

Simple usage-based pricing means you don't have to stress about reaching limits. Experiment, build and tinker without worry.

Flexible Accelerators

Flexible Accelerators

Grow your real-time application at your own pace from a few users to hundreds of millions.

Existing Scale Pricing

Pricing For Any Scale

Speak with our sales team to unlock deeper discounts when your real-time application already has mass usage.

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Global IP Proxy that can deliver latency improvements of up to 80% and reduce jitter and packet loss by 99%, while eliminating DDoS without adding latency.

The solution perfect for...

  • Game developers and studios

  • Video applications

  • In-app video experiences

  • Fintech & cryptocurrency apps

Starting at $0/month with additional options for high-volume users.
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Global SIP Proxy for the lowest latency voice and video calls with no latency DDoS protection.

The solution perfect for...

  • Voice and video applications

  • The fastest and most reliable connection

  • Developers looking to remove the need for SBCs.

Pay-as-you-go options starting at $0.0015/min for voice & $0.015/min for video.
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Global TURN service with the highest possible quality without administration hassles of running multiple TURN servers and without call setup delays due to TURN server testing, while being protected from DDoS without extra latency.

The solution perfect for...

  • All WebRTC applications

  • Network engineering teams

  • Anyone looking to run a TURN server - without deploying one.

Starting at $0.75/GB for usage.
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Global RTP Proxy for the highest quality voice and video steaming the internet has ever seen with in-line zero latency DDoS protection.

The solution perfect for...

  • All media streaming applications

  • VoIP and telephony apps

  • Anyone looking to gain improvements in real-time app performance.

Starting at $0/month for plans and $0.40/GB for usage.
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