Accelerate P2P Connections For Your Real-Time Application

Simplify and accelerate your users P2P connections on the Subspace network. Whether voice or video connections, quickly give your users the low-latency connections that keep them engaged with a simple API call.

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The Fastest Connection, On A Global Scale

Provide your users with the lowest-latency connections and keep excited about your application.

Point your traffic global IP level Proxy and see what low-latency, low jitter, and low packet loss does for your App’s engagement rates.


We Optimize the Network, You Create Amazing Experiences

Free-up your development  resources and let us take care of network optimization. Subspace continuously weather-maps and automatically optimizes routing on the fastest paths, giving you incredible network performance.


You Need More Than A Software Defined Network

You need a parallel, dedicated fibre network with global PoPs to bring the best performance to your application. You need Subspace.


Simplify Media Relay With TURN as a Service

Media relay and NAT traversal is easier on a network purpose-built for real-time communications. Subspace’s global IP level proxy not only intelligently routes traffic, but provides TURN as a Service with GlobalTURN our PoPs - taking away the burden of managing your TURN Servers.

Why Subspace?

We’re Changing How the Internet Works

Subspace has redesigned the internet for today’s real-time applications. By creating our own active mesh optical transport network overlaying the internet, we became the only global platform routing traffic at the maximum speed in real-time. 

We offer high-performance network optimization for multiplayer games, modern fintech solutions, ecommerce apps, and real-time voice and video applications.


We use a proprietary combination of internet weather-mapping, custom networking stacks, omniscient routers, and dedicated fiber. We partner with ISPs around the world to bring software publishers and telecommunications companies like you the quality and speed your users demand.


We’re optimized for real-time protocols. Whether you need to accelerate TCP/UDP traffic with our PacketAccelerator, move your SIP media faster than ever before with SIPTeleport, deploy global TURN without switching on a server with GlobalTURN, or remove dependency on SBC with a single API call on RTPSpeed, we’ve got you covered.


Subspace Finds the Fastest Route

Subspace Finds the Fastest Route

Our proprietary AI examines the network and produces an internet weather map that identifies both congestion and clear paths. Subspace finds the fastest path between your data’s origin and destination.

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Subspace Reduces Hops

Subspace Reduces Hops

Because Subspace controls your data’s route, we can find the path with the fewest stops. No more hairpinning.

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Subspace Uses the Most Efficient Protocols

Subspace Uses the Most Efficient Protocols

We enable both TCP and UDP protocols so your real-time traffic is not competing with all the noise that clogs the public internet.

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With the rise in popularity of online gaming and the demand for an enhanced online experience, we sought a partner that could help open up opportunities to improve gameplay for those in traditionally poor-performing regions. Subspace understood our digital vision and helped to improve latency and guarantee the best possible gaming experience for their users. Subspace is revolutionizing the user experience across the globe, and we are thrilled to be in partnership with them.
Gurpreet GhulianiPartner - Strategic Synergy, TELSTRA VENTURES

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