The Internet Undermines Your Application

Network induced latency, jitter, and dropped packets can seriously degrade the user experience. There is a high-speed alternative to the internet with reduced latency for your real-time application.

Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

Inherent Internet Latency

The internet provides a durable communications channel between local computer networks. It never intended to be fast. More recent enhancements have focused on moving more data, not moving data faster. Today's internet is optimized for delivering the same data, such as websites and streaming video, to many people. It often falls short when trying to deliver real-time data.

Internet latency is the result of indirect routing, a large number of hops, the protocol used, and an inefficient network. Subspace solves all of this.


How to Improve Internet Latency

There are a variety of techniques that can reduce internet latency.

Path determination decides how packets are routed between the origin and destination. The more direct path is usually the fastest.

Lower hop count by reducing the number of devices that a packet must pass through to reach its destination. Each time a device handles a packet, you introduce additional latency.

Use the proper protocol to reduce latency. TCP is best for applications where absolute accuracy is required. Each packet is verified, and any dropped packets are resent. UDP is often a better choice for real-time applications such as communications and gaming. UDP is faster than TCP because it ignores dropped packets. A high-resolution image, such as a single frame in a game, is made from thousands of packets. The loss of a few packets does not noticeably degrade the image.

By prioritizing real-time traffic—such as VoIP—over less time sensitive traffic—such as email— you control or eliminate network congestion.

Reduce a significant amount of latency by properly tuning network devices. Proper adjustment of settings such as buffer size can be critical to achieving a high performing network.

Why Subspace?

We’re Changing How the Internet Works

Subspace has redesigned the internet for today’s real-time applications. By creating our own active mesh optical transport network overlaying the internet, we became the only global platform routing traffic at the maximum speed in real-time. 

We offer high-performance network optimization for multiplayer games, modern fintech solutions, ecommerce apps, and real-time voice and video applications.


We use a proprietary combination of internet weather-mapping, custom networking stacks, omniscient routers, and dedicated fiber. We partner with ISPs around the world to bring software publishers and telecommunications companies like you the quality and speed your users demand.


We’re optimized for real-time protocols. Whether you need to accelerate TCP/UDP traffic with our PacketAccelerator, move your RTP media faster than ever before with SIPTeleport, deploy global TURN without switching on a server with GlobalTURN, or remove dependency on SBC with a single API call on RTPSpeed, we’ve got you covered.


Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

When you are in Subspace, you have access to real-time network monitoring that provides an instant view of the network’s performance.

Superior Hardware

Superior Hardware

Subspace is built on custom networking stacks, omniscient routers and dedicated fiber. It is continuously tuned to provide the very best network performance.

Network Weather Mapping

Network Weather Mapping

Our proprietary, AI-driven weather mapping and active routing ensures that your packets are always on the fastest route and avoid network congestion.

Built-in Security

Built-in Security

Subspace has built-in network security to detect and mitigate DDoS and other attacks without introducing additional latency.

Remedy Robotics uses Subspace for ultra low latency connection to perform remote intervention. Every millisecond can mean the difference between life and death, so for us, Subspace is seriously important.
David BellCEO & Co-Founder of Remedy Robotics

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