There is More to the Last Mile

The last mile, in networking, usually refers to the segment of the network from the user to the ISP’s network access point. The last mile is often a bottleneck for network traffic. This can be a problem for real-time applications such as communications and gaming. The key to resolving a bottleneck in the last mile is to approach the problem from both ends.

Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

Most Users Have Limited Choices for ISP

The last mile problem is compounded because individual users have limited choices of ISPs. Since the ISP controls the last mile, the options for resolving performance issues are also limited.

Choose the Best ISP

Carefully choosing an ISP is the most important step to ensure the best last-mile network performance. The bandwidth the ISP offers is important, but also check reviews to get a sense of the reliability and consistency of service. High bandwidth is only helpful if you can connect.

Connect via Ethernet

Connecting the computer directly to the router using an ethernet cable can provide better performance than using Wi-Fi.

Upgrade the Router

Make sure you have an updated router that can handle all the bandwidth that is available.

Use the QoS Setting on the Router

Many modern routers have a Quality of Service (QoS) setting that prioritizes designated traffic over other traffic. Ensure that the most important application is the top priority.


Improving the Last Mile from the Network Side

On the network side of the last mile, sometimes referred to as the middle mile, performance can be drastically improved by routing traffic through a high-performance network, such as Subspace. Subspace can be up to 20x faster than the internet. Application developers can choose to run their applications on Subspace instead of the internet and give their users the best possible experience.


Squeezing the Middle

By optimizing for performance on either side of the ISP, you can squeeze last-mile network performance into insignificance. Once optimized, even low-performing connections such as cell and satellite can be used for real-time applications.

Why Subspace?

We’re Changing How the Internet Works

Subspace has redesigned the internet for today’s real-time applications. By creating our own active mesh optical transport network overlaying the internet, we became the only global platform routing traffic at the maximum speed in real-time. 

We offer high-performance network optimization for multiplayer games, modern fintech solutions, ecommerce apps, and real-time voice and video applications.


We use a proprietary combination of internet weather-mapping, custom networking stacks, omniscient routers, and dedicated fiber. We partner with ISPs around the world to bring software publishers and telecommunications companies like you the quality and speed your users demand.


We’re optimized for real-time protocols. Whether you need to accelerate TCP/UDP traffic with our PacketAccelerator, move your RTP media faster than ever before with SIPTeleport, deploy global TURN without switching on a server with GlobalTURN, or remove dependency on SBC with a single API call on RTPSpeed, we’ve got you covered.


Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

When you are in Subspace, you have access to real-time network monitoring that provides an instant view of the network’s performance.

Superior Hardware

Superior Hardware

Subspace is built on custom networking stacks, omniscient routers and dedicated fiber. It is continuously tuned to provide the very best network performance.

Network Weather Mapping

Network Weather Mapping

Our proprietary, AI-driven weather mapping and active routing ensures that your packets are always on the fastest route and avoid network congestion.

Built-in Security

Built-in Security

Subspace has built-in network security to detect and mitigate DDoS and other attacks without introducing additional latency.

It is critical with the new hybrid reality across all industries, distributed team need to stay connected and engage seamlessly with customers and key stakeholders in the business—whether at home, on the road, or in the office—Teams need to work like they’re together with minimal latency, giving customers the best experience possible. Subspace is providing Avaya customers and partners the tools and network to enable the fastest route to an end-user. Subspace ensures our real-time communications happen without latency or jitter, giving customers the service they demand.
Davide PetramalaDirector of Avaya OneCloud CpaaS @ Avaya

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