Accelerate Your Real-Time Application on the World’s Fastest Network

PublishedNov 18, 2021BySubspace Team
As of today, the world’s fastest, most stable, highly available and secure network is available to anyone.
Subspace provides real-time application developers and companies with a Network-as-a-Service to operate, deploy, and scale their applications. We deliver real-time connectivity from anywhere to anywhere, and now, you can get enterprise-level connectivity anywhere in minutes, with no client-side installation required. Every millisecond counts.

A New Kind of Internet

Until now, Subspace has worked exclusively with large companies on their particular network needs. But now, Subspace brings the capability of ubiquitous private networking to every application, developer, and internet user - expanding the possibilities for truly instant digital experiences.
“For the past few years, our team at Subspace has been focused on building a network that accelerates games by reducing lag and increasing security, “Today’s launch represents the public release of our dedicated network and the opportunity for any developer or company to accelerate their application on Subspace in minutes.” Bayan Towfiq, Subspace CEO and Co-Founder
Over the past three years, Subspace has deployed custom hardware in hundreds of cities and from those locations, is using its proprietary AI software to “weather map” the internet. This gives Subspace the power to find the best paths- a combination of existing paths as well as Subspace’s proprietary fiber-optic backbone- and pull traffic through those paths. It is like a private carpool lane and GPS, but for dynamic internet traffic.
Check out this video to learn about Subspace in 180 seconds.
With the communication problems heightened by the immediate needs of the COVID-19 pandemic, we accelerated our infrastructure build to make private network capabilities available to anyone with real-time computing and internet-based applications.
If you’ve ever been on a choppy Zoom call, sat on hold with a customer service agent only to not hear when you’re finally connected, or grown frustrated trying to share screens with distant co-workers, you understand how deeply latency, packet loss, and jitter impact us all and why we built Subspace.
Subspace enables real-time applications to perform everywhere in the world, without client-side appliances, VPNs, or custom software. Real-time voice and video applications, multiplayer online games, modern fintech solutions, transportation apps, and every internet application in between gets a highly available, ultra-low latency, global private network with a simple configuration change.

Subspace’s Self-Service Platform Makes Private Network Quality Possible Anywhere

With today’s launch, developers can build instant digital experiences unencumbered by network constraints. Features of the dedicated network used by enterprise companies are now accessible, self-service, by any internet application.
  • PacketAccelerator delivers latency improvements of up to 80% and reduces jitter and packet loss by 99% while minimizing DDoS, all with one simple connection.
  • WebRTC-CDN global edge-to-edge acceleration for your WebRTC-based voice and video applications.
  • SIPTeleport enables superior voice quality for remote call center agents, while improving customer support experiences.

Key Benefits of Subspace

When you accelerate your application on Subspace you can expect immediate key benefits, including:
  • Improved quality of experience. Faster connectivity and consistent network quality means fewer dropped calls, more competitive games, instant remote collaboration, and truly real-time experiences.
  • Scalability. Unconstrained by network limitations and with company hardware management removed, companies can scale their remote worker footprint, grow their gamer base, and create instant digital experiences.
  • Higher profitability. With improved end-user experience, customer churn decreases, more customers adopt the product, and revenue increases, while fewer requirements for company hardware and management decrease costs, altogether increasing profitability.
Illustrative example of Subspace data. Depicting packet loss from Bangalore and Miami.
Subspace delivers the experience today’s real-time users around the world deserve. Our dedicated network delivers dynamic data as fast as the speed of light, paving the way for in-network innovation.

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