Subspace Appoints Davide Petramala Vice President of Sales

PublishedJan 24, 2022BySubspace Team
Subspace, the world’s first WebRTC delivery network, appointed cloud industry leader Davide Petramala as Vice President of Sales.
Petramala has experience spanning three decades of leading teams and developing go-to-market strategies. He brings that expertise to Subspace, where he will oversee and lead all sales teams, develop new business strategies and opportunities, and help customers achieve maximum value with Subspace’s expanding services.
“We are honored to have an industry veteran like Davide join our team and bring his decades of expertise to Subspace as we continue to expand our network,” says Bayan Towfiq, CEO and Co-Founder of Subspace. “I look forward to partnering with Davide as we bring new products and services to market.”
Petramala spent the past seven years at Avaya, where he led global B2B technology sales, business development, product and channel management, and customer success. Most recently, Petramala was Managing Director of Avaya’s public cloud business unit, where he oversaw the development of the company’s cloud ecosystem of both global partners and developers while evangelizing the API economy and leading the overall market strategies for several teams.
Petramala is an impressive addition to the communication and networking executives that comprise Subspace’s teams. Petramala, who joined Avaya through its acquisition of Esna Technologies, is excited to join the Subspace team.
“I’m looking forward to leading their sales team and to being in a start-up environment again.”
Subspace recently launched its network publicly, now making it possible for developers to scale and deliver their WebRTC applications globally. On Subspace, WebRTC applications are more stable, more secure, highly available, and more performant than ever before. Subspace makes it possible for companies to meet the growing demands for instant digital experiences such as metaverse environments and web3 activations.
Petramala plans to make customers aware of those new possibilities on Subspace.
“Going live with its global network for real-time applications in November,” he explains, “the company is now poised to accelerate its go-to-market motions and meet the increased demand for a better internet to drive amazing customer experiences.”
Want to learn more about the Subspace WebRTC solution? Check out this white paper here.

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