The Key Role Networks Play in Profitable & Successful Multiplayer Games

PublishedMar 08, 2021BySubspace Team

Why Strong Network Quality Leads to Growth

In our latest white paper; The Fundamental Role of Network Quality for Profitable & Successful Multiplayer Games we discuss why in-game experience is becoming less reliant on visual and mechanical complexity and is instead centered around a smooth connection between players from all around the globe.
Sadly, the internet as we know it is not built to sustain the speed required to handle gaming traffic, resulting in lagging and unappealing game experiences. This is detrimental in creating high engagement with an online game, which harms bottom-line revenues, particularly in free-to-play games that have a greater reliance on in-game transactions.
Lag and high latency levels are something that game publishers continue to fight, but the battle remains in the hands of the internet.

Massive Revenue & Growth is at the Internet’s Mercy

The virtual goods market now spurs online game revenue in response to a rise in online multiplayer and free-to-play games. In 2017, in-game purchases reached $38 billion in revenue. In-game microtransactions are expected to reach total global revenue of $190 billion by 2025, growing from 2017 at a compound annual growth rate of 22.3%.
How do some of the world’s most successful games encourage gamers to download, become loyal fans, and spend their hard-earned coin on features?
We answer that question in our latest white paper.

What You’ll Find Inside

In this white paper, we’ve uncovered the four leading forces behind the most successful and highest performing multiplayer games. We shed light on how game publishers get a competitive advantage that leads to stardom and why it’s becoming evident that the internet is not built for the demanding needs of interactive and successful multiplayer games.
Here’s a Snapshot of the Four Forces Leading to Success:
Force 1: Healthier Matchmaking
Successful matchmaking requires a massive amount of concurrent users, which overwhelms the typical internet network connection, ruining the chances of a quality game experience. The best games are aware of this and are investing in solutions and infrastructure to improve matchmaking.
Force 2: Better Gameplay Experience
Packet loss, lag, jitter, and failed servers make for inconsistent, unfair, and frustrating experiences resulting in disappointed gamers who will stop gameplay. Countless studies have been conducted to show the negative impact that latency can have on the quality of a gaming experience.
Force 3: Community-First Experiences
Retail purchases are a thing of the past. Community engagement and in-game sales are the future of game profits, but game publishers are unable to focus on expanding those features when their attention is on poor internet quality.
Force 4: Diverse Gaming Ecosystems
Social interactions make gaming a personal, dynamic experience. Internet quality varies globally. This inconsistency compromises the players’ experience.
Social interactions make gaming a personal, dynamic experience. The inconsistencies in regional network conditions compromise the ability to play against others, regardless of physical location. Top game publishers are investing in infrastructure to unlock more equitable and diverse gaming ecosystems.

The Solution to Increasing Network Quality

This is only the beginning.
Game developers and publishers are aware of these forces but aren’t aware of the right ways to achieve them and the full scope of losses incurred by leaving them unaddressed.
That’s where Subspace comes in. We’ve built a network platform that is truly optimized for real-time applications, including video games. You make gains almost immediately by plugging your game into a super-highway made for predictable, low-latency performance.
Subspace PacketAccelerator reduces latency and accelerates packets, helping to increase your players’ performance and decrease their stress. Subspace GlobalTURN allows you to run TURN globally without having to maintain servers around the world.
With precision measurements and continuous optimization, we are democratizing access to quality, high-speed networks around the globe. We have successfully launched, and continue to expand, partnerships that deliver near-plug-and-play access to quality connectivity across the globe.
To fully understand and learn how to secure quality gaming network infrastructure enabling you to drive up in-game profits you need to download our white paper: The Fundamental Role of Network Quality for Profitable & Successful Multiplayer Games.

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