How Subspace Is Helping Us Reach a True Metaverse Sooner

PublishedMar 05, 2021BySubspace Team

What is Subspace?

Right now. While you read these words. Someone, somewhere just lagged mid-game and it ruined the entire gaming experience for a handful of other people.
It just happened again.
Right now. While you read these words. Someone, somewhere is on a Zoom call and suddenly started to sound like a robot and their first impression is ruined.
It just happened again.
Right now. While you read these words. Someone, somewhere is trying to connect to their eHealth platform, but their signal is so weak that they’re not going to get their prescription. Here’s the thing:
The internet we use daily isn’t built for today’s applications.
The internet as we know it is a loose federation of independent networks that was designed for resilience but not real-time applications. A significant portion of the online population in every country can’t effectively play multiplayer games, make reliable voice and video calls, or access other real-time services like play-by-play sports betting or telemedicine. This is a global problem.
Some of us are privileged to have amazing internet speeds. But the global deployment of internet speed is far from equal. You can conduct a quick search on Twitter to quickly be met with hundreds of people in regions throughout the Middle East complaining about ping and lag. That brilliant in-game maneuver that takes one player tenths of a millisecond to do can take someone with poor internet quality four or five times as long. This creates a gap in competitiveness and game quality on a global scale.

What We Think The Future Will Look Like

We believe we’re in the final stages of the information age.
And we believe that the current internet reality will not be sufficient for the age of tomorrow. Similar to how our society shifted from the agriculture age to the industrial age to the information age, we will soon be transitioning into the metaverse age.
The metaverse age will be one in which there is a collective, always-on virtual place where people from all over the world come together to play, learn, interact, work, and build meaningful relationships. An experience like this requires 100% uptime and latency levels that rival real-time interactions with things we see in the real world.
We view game publishers as the leaders in moving the Metaverse forward; game developers worldwide are combining creativity and innovation to accelerate the reality of a metaverse happening around us.
And when it happens, it’s going to present the next great opportunity for economic growth, human connection, social interactions, creativity, and so much more.
This is why it’s so important for Subspace to exist.
We’re connecting people in regions that have for years been overlooked and unreachable for quality internet. Right now, there are still billions of people without the internet, even though it’s becoming a more integral part of our daily lives. We’ve seen entire regions suddenly appear in the “competitive” ranks of games after their games were deployed on the Subspace platform.
This is what equaling the playing field looks like.
Because they don’t have access to quality internet, millions of people are missing out on access to information, access to virtual care, access to opportunities, access to entertainment, and access to human connection with people all over the world.
We intend to make sure the number of people who miss out on the metaverse age is less than a fraction of those who have missed out on the information age.
The metaverse is inevitable.
It’s going to be one of the most critical societal shifts of the next 100 years.

The Role Platform Providers Play In The Metaverse

At Subspace, we’re offering a platform that provides low latency in-game experiences at no cost to the gamer by partnering with internet providers around the globe. Our vertically integrated, full service software platform gives game publishers full control of the network and creates stability, reliability, low latency connectivity and high security. This provides gamers with low latency and high stability connectivity to their favorite games. By building this onramp specifically for real-time gaming traffic, we can ensure that real-time applications are prioritized via PacketAccelerator.
We watch for early signs of saturation so that we can reroute your players and facilitate a better, faster playing experience without them even feeling a disruption. When combined with most ISPs, Subspace makes the latency variability smaller by providing more than triple the number of players in the same latency envelope. ISPs who partner with Subspace are laying the foundation for the future of the metaverse.

Game Publishers Will Create the Metaverse

Gaming is eating the world.
More people are playing than ever before. More people are buying in-game products than ever before. More demographics are playing than ever before. And the rates at which the top games are growing are astonishing.
It’s estimated that there were nearly 200 million active Roblox players in January 2021:
Every day people are spending hours in the worlds within their favorite games. People from around the world are spending millions of hours coming together to connect, compete, have fun, and interact with each other. Games, as we know them today, are in many ways already beginning to take shape as an always-on experience in which deep relationships are built. There’s no more real example of this than when a group of friends organized a funeral and memorial march inside Final Fantasy when a fellow gamer and friend passed due to COVID-19.
The lines between real-life friendships and digital ones are gone. Gaming has become one of the richest media experiences that people can have. As technology advances through things like virtual reality, the line between real life and digital life will eventually blur to the same degree in which friendships have.
This is why the metaverse will change everything.
So, in short, this is our master plan:
  1. Identify how to reduce latency and lag in games on a massive scale.
  2. Build the infrastructure and partner with ISPs to optimize gaming experiences.
  3. Use our infrastructure and partnerships to help game publishers thrive.
  4. Use that money to build more infrastructure.
  5. Get the entire world online.
  6. Host the metaverse(s) on our platform.
Want to start building on Subspace today? Sign up here.

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