Announcing Four New Groundbreaking Solutions For Real-Time Applications

PublishedJul 15, 2021ByWilliam King
If your real-time application depends on lightning-fast communication, let it fly in Subspace. Introducing: four new products that make it easier than ever to provide a genuinely real-time experience to your users.
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Subspace is a Leader in High-Performance Networking

The public internet was never built for speed. Real-time applications and the needs of a real-time internet are growing fast, whether it’s video-conferencing or performant gameplay and everything in between.
So, how can you provide your customers with the real-time experience they demand? Subspace redesigned the internet, creating a lightning-fast network that natively supports real-time.
We’re leveraging our experience serving some of the largest game companies in the world to make our technology accessible to any real-time application developer. Having served over 400 million users, Subspace has built the expertise needed to provide a network truly optimized for real-time.
Ready to move beyond the limitations of the public internet?

How the Subspace Network Accelerates Real-Time Traffic

Every real-time application developer knows that network performance is a limiting factor to user experience. We’ve all been in a choppy video conference call. We know the frustrations of players losing games because of dreaded latency problems.
While infrastructure upgrade investments are made to increase bandwidth on the public internet - this still will not meet the low-latency needs of real-time traffic. Subspace offers edge-to-edge acceleration, letting you move beyond regional limitations to deliver real-time performance for all.
No matter which product you use to access Subspace, the core benefits of the network are on your application’s side. With a combination of software, hardware, and a custom global router, there are some dramatic advantages to being on Subspace.
We’ve developed cutting-edge routing algorithms and use ML reinforcement learning to deliver the best network performance available and provide application-specific path selection. With over 100+ Points Of Presence (PoPs), we leverage precision measurement techniques at the sub-second level to create a weather map of the internet that allows us to execute packet-by-packet path re-routing in real-time, ensuring data always travels along the fastest routes.
As a global IP proxy with a global anycast edge, accessing acceleration and performance is as simple as pointing your real-time traffic to us. Even stateful real-time applications can benefit from Subspace’s patented Anycast synchronization. All this, and no-latency added, always-on, inline DDoS protection.
And where the software couldn’t solve, we laid down the infrastructure with dedicated, ultra-low latency optical paths and spliced together networks to create shorter transmission distances. The end result? A dramatic reduction in hair-pinning of physical paths.
It's a complete solution to the performance issues on the public internet, so you can focus on developing the best real-time applications while knowing that your users, no matter where their location, can connect at any time- from anywhere. Just point and go, fast.
Our four new products provide on-ramps to the Subspace network, built to accelerate all your real-time application needs-- without installing and maintaining complex software or incurring technical debt.
With Subspace, millions of users worldwide have experienced improved latency, ping, and reduced packet loss. One example of this is in a partnership between Subspace and Orange Jordan, where “connections can see as much as an +80% reduction in ping times.”

Subspace Introduces Four New Products

Each Subspace product allows your application to route traffic through the Subspace network with a simple RESTful API call. The real-time network API enables you to register an instance of your application with Subspace. Your application receives an IP address and port number to point your traffic to -- and you’re in the fast lane.
Subspace PacketAccelerator
Subspace PacketAccelerator makes a difference you can see and powers the fastest real-time applications.
PacketAccelerator is a global IP Proxy that can deliver latency improvements of up to 80% and reduce jitter and packet loss by 99%. The stability and connectivity issues most real-time applications face on the public Internet are eliminated. With support for IPv6, IPv4, TCP, and UDP, there’s no need to worry about which protocol support you’ll need-- we have you covered.
This acceleration within Subspace works in Layers 3 and 4 to improve TCP and UDP packet delivery. So, whether you need seamless voice and video without lag, distortion, or freezing, or you want real-time access to your database or virtual desktop, PacketAccelerator delivers network performance without worry while you focus on your application.
This global edge-to-edge solution also provides groundbreaking real-time database synchronization. You can also move beyond load balancers and altogether remove regional complexities. Our network platform deploys, operates, and AI optimizes and scales the highest performing proxy services for your real-time application.
With Subspace’s built-in always-on DDoS protection, you can deliver safely and securely without fearing latency.
When you switch from a best-effort cloud network to PacketAccelerator, you provision, point your traffic-- and go. PacketAccelerator lets you remove regional complexities and scales the highest-performing proxy services you need for real-time computing.
PacketAccelerator and Subspace’s packet acceleration are ideal for game developers, video applications, and fintech application developers who demand reduced latency and in-line DDoS protection.
Subspace SIPTeleport
Are you building voice or video applications in the most challenging environments, such as a dispersed call center or high-volume PBX? If so, Subspace SIPTeleport can help your application make connections faster.
Subspace’s proprietary integrations with global networks reduce or even eliminate your need to establish and maintain your own SBCs. SIPteleport redefines video and voice experiences for your customers and your employees, with no installation required for the client or server. It’s a drop-in solution with global edge-to-edge acceleration.
Today’s customers want instant access and instant responses. With SIPTeleport, your application quickly establishes a voice or video connection. We help reduce costs associated with technical debt and management of standard solutions and help remove the hidden costs of customer and agent support with a simple connection.
With crystal clear, high-quality, and consistent voice and video streams, users all over the world are happier and more engaged. The challenges of signal degradation and packet loss can now be a distant memory.
SIPTeleport offers easy integration with any SIP compliant PBX, including Avaya, Cisco, Asterisk, and FreeSwitch. That simple integration, along with always-on no latency added DDoS protection, provides a peace of mind that lets you focus on more important business. SIPTeleport also gives you complete infrastructure access and enterprise-level connection quality from anywhere at any time.
SIPTeleport is the ideal solution for voice and video applications, providing the fastest and most reliable connections on the market through one real-time network API.
As SIPTeleport continues to evolve and expand, it will use proprietary integrations with global networks to reduce or even eliminate your need to establish and maintain your own SBCs. A fantastic product that continues to improve implementations for service providers, we can’t wait to show you what’s next.
Subspace RTPSpeed
Subspace RTPSpeed is a high-performance RTP proxy that offers global optimization for real-time applications. This single proxy gives your application global access with the best performance without the need for multiple connections or maintaining your own SBCs.
It’s autoscaling, around the world, and without limits. This simple connection provides complete infrastructure access - without ever needing to deploy a single server or virtual machines. One set of credentials, and you’re deployed globally on a software optimized network.
With RTPSpeed, you receive a single IP address that finally gives you speed, performance, and control.
RTPSpeed is the ideal solution for service providers who want to accelerate their SIP media on a reliable network.
Subspace RTPSpeed provides the highest quality voice and video streaming for applications, VoIP, and telephony applications, all with always-on DDoS protection and decreased latency.
Subspace WebRTC-CDN
Does your webRTC application require faster call setup times? Is the performance impact of having your communications go through NAT and firewalls slowing you down? Are latency, jitter, and packet loss killing your user experience? TURN is a standard solution, but installing and maintaining a TURN server requires specialized networking knowledge and additional hardware and often introduces route hair pinning - which slows performance. Now there is a permanent solution that doesn’t require expensive servers—Subspace WebRTC-CDN.
Now you can run TURN without ever deploying a TURN server. This truly disruptive solution is changing the game for real-time applications.
Imagine planet-scale TURN provisioning in a single API call. Connect to a single TURN IP address, and your ICE negotiations are simplified and accelerated. Our WebRTC-CDN service offers the Quality of Experience real-time users demand; there is no compromise on performance. No call setup delays. No server testing and optimization. Our network does it all for you.
WebRTC-CDN is ideal for network engineering teams and WebRTC application developers. With WebRTC-CDN, you get enterprise-level performance and security without costs and administrative hassles of dedicated TURN servers.

Subspace Is Ready to Help with Your Real-Time Applications

Subspace reinvented the internet to help you meet your users’ demands and provide real-time application experiences without the technical overhead of network optimization. With the four new Subspace products—PacketAccelerator, SIPTeleport, RTPSpeed, and WebRTC-CDN—you eliminate your technical debt, focus on creating your applications, and quickly meet your users’ needs.
These four new Subspace products add to a growing list of Subspace capabilities for real-time application developers. Sign up now or contact us today to see how we can help improve your application’s real-time performance with these new products or other Subspace solutions.
Want to start building on Subspace today? Sign up here.

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