Subspace Working with Broadcaster.VC to Power CommCon Virtual 2021

PublishedOct 29, 2021BySubspace Team
Subspace is pleased to announce that we will be a Platinum sponsor of CommCon Virtual 2021. In addition, Subspace will work with Broadcaster.VC to carry all the real-time network traffic for the conference.
CommCon is a conference focused on real-time media—VoIP calls, WebRTC, two-way video, or something completely new. As it was in 2020, CommCon 2021 will be a virtual conference.
Hosting a virtual conference was not a big leap for CommCon. CommCon has been a leader in the practice of real-time media as well. Two years ago they were the first open-source RTC event to stream all in-person sessions in 4K on YouTube. No other conference has achieved that level of technology.
Again blazing the trail, CommCon will make a leap forward in real-time media. For the first time, CommCon will partner with Subspace to deliver all conference content using Subspace Network-as-a-Service. Subspace partner Broadcaster.VC is using the Millicast real-time streaming video service and Subspace GlobalTURN to stream video delivery with Subspace.
Subspace is the fastest, most stable, highly available and secure network for internet applications. Subspace’s NaaS enables real-time applications to perform everywhere in the world, without appliances, VPNs, or custom software. On Subspace, remote work actually works, gaming is more competitive, telemedicine advances, and the metaverse comes to life—optimizing the user experience and freeing developers to innovate.

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