How Subspace is Tackling the Future of Real-Time Communications

PublishedApr 02, 2021BySubspace Team
The global public internet is fundamentally broken when it comes to supporting real-time applications.
When COVID-19 forced employees home, this already-existing problem was fully exposed. We began to see an increase in performance problems related to latency, dropped calls, and many other problems with real-time applications as the internet was bogged down by increased user traffic.
For businesses that rely heavily on real-time applications—call centers, telehealth, finance companies, etc.—this is unacceptable and can negatively impact a business’s bottom line and employee productivity. The entire world now feels this pain as businesses scramble to operate remotely during COVID-19.
IT departments had to react and put band-aid solutions in place to try to avoid these issues, but they are now looking forward and figuring out how to create a network that will be able to:
  • Support optimized connectivity to real-time applications
  • Support and empower a distributed workforce.
Subspace set out to solve this problem and provide businesses with an enterprise-grade solution that supports real-time natively and understands the needs of these applications on a global scale.

Supporting the hybrid workforce of tomorrow

While employees will start returning to the office as vaccine rollouts progress, many won’t go back. For enterprises, this means creating a network infrastructure that will serve both in-office and remote workers indefinitely.
This comes with its own set of new and unique challenges.
One of the biggest obstacles is that a significant portion of the global internet population can’t reliably access high-quality voice and video calls.
In a workforce that has come to rely on and will continue to rely on real-time applications like Zoom, Avaya Spaces and Cisco Webex to do business, letting this state of affairs continue isn’t an option.
That’s where we come in.

How Subspace works

We have done what no one else has—built a faster internet designed to optimize the performance of real-time communications.
Example of how Subspace works with a Call Center PBX in the Unitied States and remote call center agents in India and Philippines.
We combine our purpose-built network with patented technology that selects from the best parts of global and regional networks to solve internet backbone, middle-mile, and last-mile issues.
By deploying infrastructure in hundreds of cities worldwide, we leverage software to weather map the internet, find the fastest, most reliable paths for data to travel, and pull real-time traffic through these paths.
What does this mean for your organization?
A steady, fast, and reliable connection.
In a recent performance test in Europe, Subspace was compared to the public internet in terms of performance and reliability standard deviations when using WebRTC to push digital games onto mobile devices.
Across the board, Subspace performed better. The biggest disparity came when observing latency variance. In comparison to the public internet which was unstable, Subspace was flat.
This level of reliability is critical to businesses when considering customer service, employee productivity and your bottom line.
No matter where your employees are located—at home or in-office—you can rely on Subspace for optimized performance and connectivity for business-critical real-time applications.

Why is this an ideal solution for your business?

As you face the new normal of a hybrid workforce, you must consider a network solution that empowers your employees at home and in the office.
Subspace helps expand your total addressable market for real-time applications by providing optimized connectivity around the globe, including in traditionally low-performing regions where latency is a killer.
Our network-first approach means a faster, more reliable connection for all your users who depend on real-time applications to get business done.
Subspace GlobalTURN allows you to run TURN globally without having to maintain servers around the world. SIPTeleport is a Global SIP Proxy for the lowest latency voice and video calls. And with RTPSpeed, we provide the highest quality voice and video steaming (via a global RTP proxy) the internet has ever seen; all solutions include in-line, zero latency DDoS protection.
Subspace was designed with always-on, built-in DDoS protection to ensure your network never goes down while protecting your user base and your entire network ecosystem.
Lastly, our in-depth set of APIs and near-effortless integration allows you to achieve things on your network like never before without any onboarding effort required from your employees.

So, what next?

Deciding on a long-term, scalable networking solution is a difficult task. There are many moving parts and options to consider.
Subspace was designed to take that burden off your shoulders.
We were created to empower the hybrid workforce of tomorrow and ensure your business never skips a beat when it comes to your real-time applications.
We are on a mission to change the game as it relates to real-time communications.
Will you join us for the ride? Contact us here to learn more.
Want to start building on Subspace today? Sign up here.

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