Your Contact Center Needs a Stable Network

Customers today demand an immediate response when they reach out to a contact center. The key to that immediate response—and customer satisfaction—is network speed. But how can you guarantee a network that turbocharges your real-time contact center solution?

Subspace enables you to autoscale thousands of connections simultaneously, without having to think about scaling for random and fluctuating user demand. Improve VoIP call quality, eliminate dropped calls, and put an end to distortion by running your contact center solution on the fastest network available.

Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

The Internet may be Holding you Back

The internet is built to deliver large volumes of data to viewers. It simply cannot meet the challenges of real-time communication with call center volumes at an all-time high. Two-way communication, including chatbots, video support, and phone calls, requires instantaneous transmission to help your customers feel valued. Inbound call center solutions must give customers the QoE they expect. The Subspace network matches today's demand, offering an exceptional experience, no matter where in the world your customers and agents might be located.

Subspace: A New Internet Built for Real-Time Communication

Subspace has created a new proprietary network engineered from the ground up to provide the performance today's contact centers need. Subspace has dedicated bandwidth at your disposal, and its proprietary AI provides RTP optimization. Built-in SIP optimization means quicker connections and less wait time. A better network means a better customer experience.

How Subspace Optimizes Contact Center Networks and Call Quality


Eliminate Latency, Jitter, and Packet Loss

Eliminate network-induced latency, jitter, and packet loss to give your customers clearer communications. These network problems lead to freezes and distortion that frustrate customers and agents alike. More efficient data routing on a network built from the ground up for VoIP and interactive video communication improves QoS and QoE by reducing call time and improving understanding.


Clearer Communications Means More Satisfied Customers

Many customers who reach out to a contact center are apprehensive. They are unsure if they will have a good experience. Connection problems such as freezing, dropped calls, distortion, and noise add to their frustration and anxiety. Running your contact center solution in Subspace can eliminate these problems. Clear communication leads to calmer customers and agents and quicker call resolution. Everyone is happier.


Built-In Security

DDoS attacks are increasingly common. Fortunately, protection is built into the Subspace network. By including in-line security as part of the network, Subspace detects and removes malicious packets close to their source, minimizing network disruption without introducing any additional call distortion, freezing, or noise.


Global Reach

Subspace offers a global solution. You can interact with customers and agents anywhere in the world with the same call quality and no lag. Your customers can be anywhere and have the optimal experience. Whether your contact center is remote or in-house, you can be sure that you have the best call center network.

It is critical with the new hybrid reality across all industries, distributed team need to stay connected and engage seamlessly with customers and key stakeholders in the business—whether at home, on the road, or in the office—Teams need to work like they’re together with minimal latency, giving customers the best experience possible. Subspace is providing Avaya customers and partners the tools and network to enable the fastest route to an end-user. Subspace ensures our real-time communications happen without latency or jitter, giving customers the service they demand.
Davide PetramalaDirector of Avaya OneCloud CpaaS @ Avaya

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