Secure Public Sector Network Service

Customers today expect an immediate response when they are using real-time applications. The key to that immediate response—and customer satisfaction—is network speed. But how can you guarantee a network that meets customer demand? Subspace will help you connect globally through AI-driven connection and routing systems, guaranteeing the best quality of experience for everyone.

Subspace allows you to autoscale thousands of connections simultaneously, easily satisfying the most rigorous demands. Give your users the performance they deserve by running your solution on the most secure and stable network available.

Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

Is the Internet Preventing you from Satisfying your Community?

The internet, originally designed for the military to provide a highly durable communications channel between local computer networks, intentionally traded speed for survivability. More recent enhancements have focused on moving more data, not moving data faster. Today's internet was never intended for real-time communication, so it’s no surprise that it often falls short when pressed into this use.

Don't Compromise Security for Speed

With the Subspace network, there is never a reason to compromise security for speed. Subspace automatically masks IP addresses to prevent hackers from targeting specific machines. The network includes line rate scrubbing that performs security screening without the need for proxy servers and adds no additional latency. Subspace lets you securely accelerate your public sector network.

Subspace: A New Internet Built for Secure Real-Time Applications

Subspace has created a new proprietary parallel transport network that spans the globe. The Subspace platform is engineered from the ground up to provide the performance today's real-time applications need. Subspace has strategically placed its own hardware at key places on the public internet to supplement its own fiber-optic network, creating a global presence.

Subspace Meets the Security and Stability Requirements for Public Sector Networking


Work with the Experts

When creating a real-time solution, latency, jitter, and packet loss are the enemies. To confront this challenge, you need to work with the engineers at the forefront of network performance tuning. You already have the best application development team. They deserve to be backed by the best network team with the latest AI-driven tools and expertise. You need Subspace.


Built-In Security

DDoS attacks are increasingly common and can be devastating to a real-time application. The public sector is often a target of attacks. Fortunately, security is built into Subspace. 

By including in-line security as part of the network, Subspace detects and removes malicious packets close to their source, minimizing network disruption without introducing any additional latency. Make security a requirement from the start by building your application on a secure foundation.


Rapid Prototyping and Testing

Subspace's API access allows your engineers to perform rapid prototyping and testing on the Subspace network quickly and easily. Real-time network optimization delivered with Subspace means your team can focus on other priorities for the public. Subspace can help turbocharge your Agile teams.


Stay On Time and On Budget

Whether you are building a solution in-house or operating a third-party application, staying on budget and on time is critical. Subspace is already there and waiting for you. Subspace's API access lets your engineers integrate quickly. Perhaps most importantly, Subspace pricing can help you control your budget. Staying on track is important when everyone is watching.

With the rise in popularity of online gaming and the demand for an enhanced online experience, we sought a partner that could help open up opportunities to improve gameplay for those in traditionally poor-performing regions. Subspace understood our digital vision and helped to improve latency and guarantee the best possible gaming experience for their users. Subspace is revolutionizing the user experience across the globe, and we are thrilled to be in partnership with them.
Gurpreet GhulianiPartner - Strategic Synergy, TELSTRA VENTURES

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