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Customers today expect an immediate response when they are using real-time applications. The key to that immediate response—and customer satisfaction—is network speed. But how can you guarantee a network that turbocharges your real-time enterprise solution? Subspace will help you connect globally through AI driven connection and routing systems, guaranteeing the best Quality of Experience for everyone. 

Subspace allows you to autoscale thousands of connections simultaneously, easily satisfying the most rigorous enterprise demands. Give your users the performance they demand by running your enterprise solution on the most secure and stable network available.

Trusted by Partners Globally

Trusted by Partners Globally

Is the Internet Preventing you From Delivering the Best Product?

The internet was originally designed for the military to provide a highly durable communications channel between local computer networks. The designers intentionally traded speed for survivability. More recent enhancements have focused on moving more data, not moving data faster. Today's internet is optimized for delivering the same data, such as websites and streaming video, to many people. It was never intended for real-time communication, so it is no surprise that it often falls short when pressed into this use.

Subspace: A New Internet Built for Real-Time Applications

Subspace has created a new proprietary network that spans the globe. The Subspace network is engineered from the ground up to provide the performance today's real-time applications need. Subspace has strategically placed its own hardware at key places on the public internet to supplement its own fiber optic network. Subspace then uses AI driven routing to find the fastest route for your data to reach its destination. This infrastructure, combined with other optimizations, gives your application real-time communication, virtually eliminating network induced latency, jitter and packet loss. Subspace improves your enterprise network speed, security and scalability.

Subspace Can Meet the Needs of Enterprise Networks


Work with the Experts

When creating a real-time solution for the enterprise, your enemies are latency, jitter and packet loss. To confront this challenge, you need to work with the best engineers who are at the forefront of network performance tuning. You have the best application development team. They deserve to be backed by the best network team with the latest AI driven tools and expertise. You need Subspace.


Smooth Integration

Your team will work with Subspace engineers to seamlessly integrate your network with Subspace. This eliminates edge friction between networks.

Simple API calls power any scale of needs, and our team is on hand to make sure you’re up and running fast. A global solution with white-glove implementation, it’s the best of both worlds.


Rapid Prototyping and Testing

Subspace's API access allows your engineers to perform rapid prototyping and testing on the Subspace network quickly and easily. Real-time network monitoring lets your team see the impact of changes immediately. Subspace can help turbocharge your Agile teams.


Global Reach

Subspace offers a global solution. You can interact with customers anywhere in the world with the same call quality and no latency. Your customers can be anywhere and have the optimal experience. No matter where in the world you operate, you can improve your enterprise network speed, security and scalability.

It is critical with the new hybrid reality across all industries, distributed team need to stay connected and engage seamlessly with customers and key stakeholders in the business—whether at home, on the road, or in the office—Teams need to work like they’re together with minimal latency, giving customers the best experience possible. Subspace is providing Avaya customers and partners the tools and network to enable the fastest route to an end-user. Subspace ensures our real-time communications happen without latency or jitter, giving customers the service they demand.
Davide PetramalaDirector of Avaya OneCloud CpaaS @ Avaya

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